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WFM Health Check starting at $995

This wellness test shows the areas that are working well, and will highlight the ones that could use some improvement. Once you sign up, we will send you a questionnaire, gathering your data and collecting information about your setup, including two weeks of information: one in the past, and one in the future. It will take our team a couple of days to go through your data, testing predictions and developing the results.

The assessment wraps up on the 5th day with a tactical meeting to go through the individual results, diagnosis, and recommendations. At the end of the project you will receive a report card and a customized simulator tool tailored to your group that will allow you to run future "what-if" scenarios for your contact center on those pesky non-linear calculations, including:
·         What happens to the required staff if the service level goal changes?  If the service level threshold changes?  If both change?
·         How many people are needed if volumes increase? Or decrease?
·         What is the relationship between the number of people and my handle time? How many people do I save if handle time goes down 15 seconds?
·         What are the utilization rates when service levels are being met?   And what does that mean from a budgeting perspective?
·         How much extra capacity time do I have during a week when service level is met? How can I take advantage of that and not let it go to waste?

Sign up today to add your center to the Human Numbers WFM Health Check.

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Do you want to know if your workforce management practices are meeting the needs of your contact center?  Let the subject matter experts at Human Numbers run a WFM Health Check for your staff group.  This 1-week examination includes a deep analysis of your data at the interval level while screening critical key components to test how they are performing:
·         Schedule efficiency rating
·         Agent utilization within service parameters
·         Forecasting areas of improvement
·         Data anomalies
·         Extra abandonment problems
·         Carry-over forecasting needs in the workload​

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