I.  Researching new forecasting and scheduling methods

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 III.  Public Speaking on Workforce Management

  IV.  Writing about forecasting and scheduling

Human Numbers started in 2008 with a charter mission statement to provide forecasting and scheduling services to call centers that did not have their own WFM software system or didn’t have a Workforce Manager. Our goal was to provide experienced forecasters and schedulers at a price that was well below the cost of hiring a full-time salaried employee. Since we each had experience in the agent seat ourselves, we entered this market with very strong opinions on how a proper scheduling approach can make such a difference in an agent’s life.

We already had experience using multiple WFM software programs, and had already witnessed the power of forecasting beyond WFM software. Once forecast accuracy starts becoming relative to the number of people who are going to be hired, the amount of money paid to an outsourcer, or the amount of reward received because service goals are met, the need to get the forecast right becomes more critical.

Our sensitivity to the scheduling process, combined with our meticulous attention to detail in the forecast stage, allows us to produce the exact WFM tools, metrics, and plans a contact center requires to run their business.

Our custom forecasting methods also work for back-office, dispatch centers, and even unique IT departments. We developed models that use methods focused on processes, systems, employee ratios, and ticket seasonality to calculate workload requirements instead of traditional Erlang formulas.  And of course that includes multi-channel chat, social media, e-Mail; if it can be counted and measured, we can forecast and schedule it.

​Our owner, Tiffany LaReau, invented the technical training in the 4-day WFM Boot Camp. We have served as expert witnesses for legal cases involving WFM subjects, and we can arrange temporary forecasting and scheduling replacements if your workforce manager is absent for a short period of time. An independent forecaster also brings third-party objectivity that may be lacking. If the forecasting process reports to Sales, an emphasis tends to be placed on volumes. When it reports to Finance, the focus might turn to headcount reduction.

Human Numbers delivers forecasts without bias, so you receive a properly balanced forecast with the right amount of emphasis on volumes, staffing requirements, overtime and payroll hours, and service results.

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