Weekly schedules delivered in advance via Outlook, online using the cloud, and in the Forecasting weekly packet.

  • Pre-planned off-line activity, meetings, and absences are loaded in advance with each weekly schedule
  • Fully optimized breaks, lunches, start/stop times
  • Delivered in Outlook, and online via web browser login
  • When this service is used in conjunction with our forecasting service, additional projected metrics (by Interval, Day, and Week) will include:
    • Net Staff, with additional potential abandons during understaffed times
    • Service Level Time
    • % of Calls handled within Service Level Threshold
    • Average Speed of Answer
    • Occupancy %

Tracked by Interval, Day, Week & Month.  Delivered in a weekly packet during the Tactical meeting.  Metrics include:

  • Forecasted calls offered with normal abandon goals
  • Smoothed average handle time projections
  • Base workload requirements
  • Workload plus non-discretionary human factors
  • Erlang requirement add-on
  • Fully Loaded Required Staff
  • Forecast vs. Actual, with forecast potential and confidence levels

I. WFM Staffing Models

Weekly & Monthly.  Delivered in a monthly or quarterly Strategic Review.  Metrics include:

  • Planned vs. Required Staff, with Net Staff
  • Extra Capacity and understaffing hours
  • Phone volumes, Forecast vs. Actuals
  • Average Handle Time history and breakdown by talk, after-call, hold, and ring times
  • Workload Hours and Utilization including onboarding, absences, off-line activity, Erlang hours, and Human Factors



Time-off Management, Daily Exception Entry & Schedule Adherence

  • We receive your exceptions using a web form and enter them daily
  • Weekly schedule adherence reports
  • Meeting Planner
  • Time-Off Requests - we will receive and approve, decline, or wait list time-off requests for your center

How It Works

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You select the services that you want:  WFM Staffing Models, Forecasts, Schedules, and/or Tracking Service.

First, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your contact center, and provide us with your historical data.

Every week we will provide you with fresh updated forecasts in our weekly packet during a weekly tactical meeting.

Every quarter we will provide you with our WFM Staffing Model.

You and your agents will receive our Real-Time Adherence system, schedules delivered in .ics files (to import into your calendar) and our Time-Off Management cloud-based interface as part of your normal scheduling service.